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PS5 HDMI Repair!

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PS5 HDMI Repair!

PS5 HDMI repair is a common repair that we see. Is your console not displaying? Powering on, but just a blank input screen? You just might need your HDMI port replaced.

We repair broken PS5 HDMI ports daily! Whether the pins are busted up or the port itself is pushed in, we can fix that! Our skilled technicians can skillfully disassemble your console, desolder the broken port and replace it with a brand new port! With our professional grade equipment and years of experience we can save you hundreds of dollars through repair, simply with solder, some flux, and a very steady hand. 

We’ve rescued hundreds of local and out of state PS5s, let us rescue yours too!

Don’t let a broken HDMI prevent you from playing the game! Schedule today at so we can get you back to gaming today!

If you’re in the Charleston, SC area you can schedule your appointment right here:

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