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Why you can’t get a PS5

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Why you can’t get a PS5

The PS5 is not just uncommon but Ultra Rare. There have been several factors in play when it comes to the enduring Playstation 5 shortage. Here’s why you can’t get a PS5.

The pandemic caused global shut downs of manufacturing facilities and shipping capabilities as well. Those same shut downs forced people to work from home offices. Webcams, laptops, and computers were prioritized over PS5 for the much needed semiconductors and components. Chip shortages that still remain today play a part. GPUs are being bought out by Crypto Miners at an astronomical rate on their way to strike gold. Then there’s the ever present scammers and scalpers, buying up what precious consoles are out there to flip them at an outrageous price and without factory warranty. On top of all of that is unfortunate accidents that occur all the time. Wear and tear, drops, broken HDMI ports, even lighting strikes can prevent you from enjoying your PS5.

Owning a PS5 is something to brag about, but having a broken one isn’t. Palmetto Tech Rescue is skilled in PS5 repair and restoration. Let our techs rescue your console and get you back in the exclusive club that is PS5 ownership.

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